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Guestrooms and Holiday Flats in Germany

Boarding house in Kiel One of our guestrooms for business workers.
The interior of one of our Holiday flats in Hamburg. One of our apartments with self-catering in Kiel.

Are you looking for a guestroom, or trysing to find a lodging for a business worker you are sending to Germany for some time? Or even a homestay for a longer period in a private room? We are specialized in all kind of lodgings and offer holiday flats, entire houses, but also single, double and triple guestrooms for competitive prices all over northern Germany - be it in

Hamburg, Kiel, Rendsburg or any other big city like Flensburg, Lübeck or Eckernförde

Wherever you are looking for a guesthouse, a self-catering appartment or bed and breakfast - we will very likely be able to help you. We can provide lodging even for large groups of more than 40 people.

Our boarding houses and boarding flats are all fully equipped and offer you the possibility to live completely indepent. Our kitchens are endowed with everything you need to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. The advantage over a Bed and Breakfast is that you have a kitchen at your own disposal, and thus you may live independently in our guest rooms.

The holiday flats we offer are located for example in the Kiel center and in Hamburg, but also in many smaller towns and villages in the north: in Eckernförde, Gettorf, Dänisch-Nienhof, Ascheffel, Flensburg, Preetz and Theresienhof, just to name a few.

If you would like to book a room with us, just call us under 0049-431-551141 in order to arrange your stay. Even in the unlikely case that our lodgings are all booked, we will be happy to help you find a flat for you or your workers. Below is a table for our prices-these are however only indicatory values-according to the length of your stay in our boarding flats and boarding houses we may offer you lower prices. Espacially in Kiel and its surroundings, it is often possible to offer you self-catering appartments to even lower prices:

Booking time Single room Double room Triple room
more than 4 days 28,–€ 20,–€ per person 19,–€ per person
more than 5 days 25,–€ 18,–€ per person 17,–€ per person
more than 11 days 22,–€ 16,–€ per person 15,–€ per person
more than 3 months 500,-€ 350,-€ per person 333,-€ per person

If you are interested in one of our private homes, guestrooms or boarding houses, either for a holiday rental or as a self-catering apartment for one of your business workers, you may call us or write us an email - we will respond immediately.

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